Home Tour

When we first bought our home it was covered in dark brown paint and the first thing we did (with the help of a lot of friends) was paint it Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. I love having white walls for the most part because I can add pops of color in with decorations, plants & all things bright & happy.

My style philosophy over the years has changed & landed on all things whimsy.

Life is so sad you guys, so often.

One of the ways I cope with this is surrounding myself with as much good as I can. So throughout our home there are prints all over the walls that point my eyes & heart up to the maker of heaven & earth- where I get all my encouragement & strength from. There’s plants everywhere to remind me that growth is possible even in dormant seasons of life, and there’s a good mixture of the old with the new because isn’t that just the best sweet spot? Honoring & cherishing what’s come before you but also looking forward to the possibilities that lay ahead? And lastly- books- to remind me that learning is never done.

I hope you enjoy this little peek into our home! It’s certainly far from being done but I look around daily & think- I’m so thankful for this space. I’ll leave you with a few styling tips I’ve learned over the years:

  1. You do not have to wait to have a lot of money to style your home in a way that represents you & your family’s values. Check in regularly with your local thrift/antique stores. The turn around in these places is high so there’s always something new to see. Ikea is a great option too if you’re on a budget and if you search Pinterest you will found endless Ikea hacks. See if your family has any furniture they’re interested in getting rid of, learn how to refinish pieces to match your style, and get in the know with your local resale Facebook groups. Craigslist can be helpful just use caution when picking up. On the flip side- if you are lacking in funds- sell some of your stuff to replace it with something you have your heart set on.

  2. Change things often. Go shopping in your own home by rearranging & reimagining the endless possibilities with the things you already have. Don’t be afraid to hang things and then have holes to patch later if you move things. I know people get really hung up on this and in a way so do I because as I’m writing this I have a list of at least 6 holes that need filling- but it’s all good. Move the picture until you like it.

  3. Purge your space. Do not hold onto things you don’t need or like. I think a disorganized home full of things you don’t want or need is the biggest obstacle to styling it in a way you love. So although I saved this tip for last I think this is the very best place to start. There are so many incredible resources out there on how to simplify & purge your things. Start small and just plug away at it. I regularly do a skim of our entire home, closets & everything, to purge items. Donate them to a local charity if you can. If you’re local to us we know of multiple outlets for passing on things to the refugee/immigrant community here so just let me know & I’d be happy to help you with that.

I think styling your home can seem on the surface frivolous but I’ve found it’s so much more than just having an aesthetically pleasing space. It’s about creating a place of memory making for your family- and it’s a way to extend hospitality to not only your people but your neighbors & community as well.

Happy Decorating!

A Chicago Farewell

10 years ago I was living in downtown Chicago when I met a girl named Ashley.  We connected on Facebook before we did in real life back before that was a pretty normal thing to do.  Our husbands both worked for the Four Seasons Hotel and we had also gone to the same college but we somehow had never met. 

Fast forever friends is what we became.   

I could share stories and images from the decade of friendship we have under our belt but I'll share one thing I especially love about this precious friend of mine and then leave you with these images of her beautiful space & her beautiful family. 

Ash is a celebrator.  She celebrates life and her people so well.  She soaks up each day & savors every last drop- and I love that about her.  I have watched her do this is easy seasons of life and in extremely troubling seasons of life.  She has a beautiful commitment to treasure the places God has around her & in the city of Chicago that leads to so many adventures.  They recently have relocated to Colorado and we decided we needed to do one last shoot in her incredible apartment with her newest baby- Brooks!  

Waddell Family

I recently had the privilege of taking some family pictures for friends who are moving out of state and I love how they came out!  It's always special to get families together to update pictures. As a mama I feel extra passionate about that.  I'm excited this crew was all able to be together and am thankful for their friendship!  Downtown Zionsville is a fun location for images if you're looking for "not a field," as our friend Ben would say.  :) 

Portraits of Motherhood II

I met Meghan through our church here in Indy and I could not be more grateful to know her.  She brings humor, honesty, creativity, and lots of love to her four young ladies at home.  I was so thrilled when she said she wanted to do a Portraits of Motherhood Session- knowing not only would it be fun but that that she would fully embrace the heart behind it.  

Portraits of Motherhood Sessions are for women looking to document the extraordinary in their ordinary.  We spent the morning making ice cream, reading, coloring, dancing, and there was lots of sprinkles & love on top of it all.  

Meghan, you are an incredible mother.  Your love for your children is so evident to me in the intentionality I see all over you home and in the way you interact with them.  I so appreciate your ability to laugh at the chaos that is these little years.  Your children have a happy, colorful, and bright childhood- I hope I was able to capture that in our time together so that when you all are a few more years down the road you can look back and smile- knowing that these mundane moments were really quite remarkable.