Market Day

I would never characterize city life as easy.
Fun?  Yes.
Charming?  At times.
Exciting?  Yup, it can be.
A headache?  Almost always.

Truth be told, I'd much rather be living back in my homeland, tucked along the coast, watching the sun set over the pacific every night.  But, bloom where you're planted, right?  Be thankful.  All that.

The sun setting over the rickety el tracks near our home will do.

Despite the challenges of city living, there are moments of it that I like to freeze and marvel over.

This market is one of them.  With the city peeking out to the east of me, I find that city life can be charming & endearing, if only for a moment.  I started going to this market only last year (for shame!), but since we found it, we continue to go back.  It's more expensive than Kane County, (as all city things are), but it's fun nevertheless, and there are some overlaps in the vendors.  The food is always delicious, the music always top notch, and the displays always bring my camera out of it's bag.

I call moments where I'm surround by a diverse group of people, live music, and the city my, "Nora moments," in honor of the great Nora Ephron.  Moments like these I feel like Meg Ryan is right around the corner waiting to grab a cup of coffee with me.

You can totally make fun of me for that.

My mom & I decided that since baby girl is still not budging (8 days late!), there'd be no better way to spend the afternoon than at the market.  I'd love to report that all the walking set me in labor, but alas.  I'm still here. Still pregnant.

Check out the Market or the band featured yesterday.