Links to Love

Have you heard of Daisy Love & her battle with cancer?  
If not, you can read up about her story at the link above.  
You will not regret it.
This little girl.
I think about her at least once a day. 
Pray for Daisy. 
Pray for her family.
Pray for healing.
They're in Israel now doing intense cancer treatment & I so want this little girl to beat it.  
Cancer sucks.

This action.  
This show kills us.  
We are obsessed.  
We kinda wish we were in their family.  
You can watch the entire 3rd season right now online at the above link.
Crosby is our favorite.
But secretly I think T loves Adam the best.   

My friend Whitney has a vintage etsy shop.
It's full of 110% vintage goodness. 
This cabinet for example.
Tell me you don't need this cabinet.
I can't.  
Because I need it.

I love this.
A lot. 

This necklace.
I need it. 

My friend Katy is an amazing designer.
She has a shop with lots of beautiful & encouraging prints. 
This one is my favorite right now.
Because I suck at thinking this.  
And because it'd look real cute in a white frame in my bedroom.


Ashley Ann is one of those bloggers that I just love.  I don't read blogs as much as I used to, but I find that I can always squeeze hers in somewhere in my week.  If you love adoption stories you've gotta go read this.  This post just left me in a puddle of tears.  Tears for days.  Amazing family. 

I read a really wonderful article on miscarriage the other day and found myself saying "Amen," at the end of it.  After I read it I listened to this song that kills me every single time, and cried a few tears.  I hope one day I get to meet that first baby of mine.  

Also. You guys have seen this right?  
I think we've watched it like 300 times. 
Or 5 times.
Same thing.