One of our favorites

We took Eliana to one of our favorite Chicago spots last week- the University of Chicago.  So random to have that be a destination when you aren't a student there- but it's one of the most gorgeous spots in Chicago I think, and we don't visit it enough.  I mean.  This place is kinda the closest I'll get to Hogwarts- so we might as well go there often.

We were lucky to get down there before the students arrive this Fall & it was a perfect afternoon.  The weather was quintessential fall weather & we got to soak up our time as a little family in the big city.  I love that even if we move away from here before Elle can remember anything- that she'll have her life as a city baby documented in photographs.
These last two photos of her make me laugh.  She just looks like a little old man- an Italian mobster even- if you will.  The first one she's flipping you the bird & showing her fist, and in the second one I can just hear her making some kind of shady deal...can't you?!  "Leave the gun, take the canollie." ;)