The Midwest Joy

Crisp, cool air.  Apple Cider Donuts.  Hot Apple Cider.  These 3.  A favorite day for my memories.

I will always love the midwest in the fall.  I often say it will be something I'll miss so much should we ever find ourselves back in our home state of California.  There is nothing like it, and I'm so thankful to be able to experience it each time it comes.  We were so happy that it worked out with Taylor's work schedule to take a trip out to Indy while my mom was here visiting.  The apples this year had a rough time because of the drought, so the experience was a little different, but nevertheless, full of midwestern magic.

This was Eliana's first time crossing a state line, and her first real midwestern experience (one she'll obviously only know through these pictures!).  Sometimes I still cannot believe how long we've been out here, and how many memories we've built in this "center of the states" spot.  I had never been to Illinois before I moved from California to Chicago, let alone any of the surrounding states, and now they are so familiar to me.  What was once a total culture shock is now completely comforting & welcoming.  Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri.  My foot has stepped in each one, and they each hold beautiful memories in my heart.

This midwestern chapter.  It will always be a part of our story.  Of her story.  And I love that.