Wide Awake

There are two things people consistently say about you.
1. That you look like your Daddy.
2. That you are so alert.

After you were born the doctor put you immediately on my chest & your eyes, wide open, locked on mine.  You let out a few tiny cries, and just stared at me.  It was one of the most amazing moments of my life.  And I still find it amazing each time your eyes lock on mine.  And now you give me coo's & smiles to go with it & I am just a goner Eliana!  A goner!  

I love watching you discover the world. 
I think you are so smart already....your big wide eyes just taking it all in.  I think you're going to not only look like your Daddy but be like your Daddy too- so interested in everything.  

You can stay awake all you want, so long as you continue being a good napper & nighttime sleeper. Deal?  Deal. 

Your biggest fan