Hanging with the Mendel's

For more than a couple of years I worked for this beautiful family in their home, nannying the two babies.  I call them babies, but really they are going on 4 & 2.  Not so much babies anymore- but I guess in my mind they'll always seem that way.  Chubby little fingers holding their baba's.  Time goes way too fast, doesn't it?  Olivia uses words now like, "totally," and is in preschool, and Charlotte is constantly on the go.  So active & full of personality.  

Hard to believe how big they've gotten.  

I love these babies so much.  And to be honest, it still feels strange to not see them each day. To not know their comings & their goings as intimately- but I'm so grateful we still live in the same city & I still get to see them. I'm also relieved that Olivia's favorite show is still Octonauts & that Charlotte still likes string cheese & popsicles. Makes me feel like I haven't missed leaps & bounds. 

My favorite images from this day would have to go to Charlotte girl.  She is just so vibrant right now & it was so much fun to watch her in her little world.

I love you Mendel family, and cannot wait for your son to get here in just a few months!