Her Birth Announcement



Having a birth announcement for Eliana was something super important to me.  Even though her birth was announced through the world of Facebook & social media I still wanted something to be able to keep for her baby book.  Something for people to open in the mail.  Something I could post on our fridge & see everyday.  Call me old fashioned- but I wanted something tangible instead of something on a computer screen.

For her announcement I knew exactly who I wanted for the job- and that's my friend Katy.  She's done our Christmas cards before & I really love her work.  She's incredibly easy to work with & I love, love, love what she did for Ellie's announcement.

Thing is- I can be really grumpy about the cost of sending out stuff like cards for Christmas, & I had a moment where I was tempted to not do an announcement for her, & buy diapers instead.  I mean, by the time you add all the various things up like 100's of stamps, the design of the card, printing the card, the pictures it takes to put on the card, the envelopes- you're looking at at least a hundred bucks- maybe more.  BUT.  I think it's like all things that matter- you have to view it as an investment.  I save each card we send out for Christmas & it's so fun to look back now on the last 5 years & see how different T & I are.  Same goes for this announcement- it was special.  Something that only happens once in her little life.

So I'm glad I put my grumbling aside & finally did it.  Katy has incredibly reasonable prices & she has some great resources for places to print cheaply.  She creates beautiful & unique designs with such a quick turn around that I think you should for sure use her for all your announcement/card/design needs.  :)  You can find her shop here.

Thank you Bethany for making family pictures for us a reality when I was for sure planning on just taking some of my own- and they would have been no where near as beautiful as the ones you took- and thank you Katy for being a photoshop & design wizard.  I am going to always cherish her announcement & think of you two ladies when I see it.  So thanks.

Eliana, I still cannot believe I got to announce you.  That you're no longer a dream, a desire, a prayer- but that you're here.  EEK!  You have made me a mommy!  Praise God for He is SO good.