The Morning Show Conflict

Every morning my momma watches the news.  She sits with her robe, and her hot cup of coffee, and watches the news before heading out for her day.  And since she worked for ABC News for 35 years, it's typically GMA streaming through the TV.  So naturally, when I came into adulthood, I found myself taking part of her ritual as well whenever I could. Cozy robe, hot cup of coffee, GMA.

We've had TV off & on throughout our marriage- off more than on- so morning shows weren't really an issue most of the time- because they weren't even an option.  At this apartment though we have one of those antenna things that scans the airwaves & picks up the networks for you.  Ghetto style.  We don't need no Direct TV (I would love it).

I was so bummed when the scan came back giving us NBC only.  No ABC.  So I just kept the TV off in the mornings.  NBC, you are dead to me, I thought.

But then my mom came 3 & 1/2 weeks before I was due with Eliana & we started watching the news in the morning together, with our robes & our coffee.  I literally had never watched the Today Show & was so confused by all the segments- all the different stages, and that it went on for like 5 thousand hours.  But.  It would have to do. Savannah had just started on the Today Show.  I had no feelings for Ann Curry because who was Ann Curry?  Just kidding.  She seemed sad that they booted her.  But I missed Robyn.  Oh, I missed Robyn.

Then the Olympics came.  And all of a sudden I found myself slowly warming to Al, Natalie, Matt & Savannah.  T, my mom & I were hooked on the Olympics this year.  Hooked, I tell you!  So NBC streamed in.

Then Eliana came & I knew in order to stay awake I needed something on to pay attention to or else I'd just fall asleep within seconds of nursing Ellie.  So we'd stumble out of bed, turn the Today Show on & eat breakfast, nurse Ellie, drink coffee & slowly it became something I looked forward to.

BUT THEN.  (Are you still here?  Are you bored to death?  I know, me too.)  BUT THEN we rearranged our living room, rescanned the channels & BOOM.  ABC.  There it was.  Coming in crystal clear.  As well as NBC.

I was faced with a dilemma.

I've tried going back to GMA.  I have TRIED.  But who are those yahoos?  Where's Robyn? (I know where she is- but you know what I mean.)  Why is the set so ugly compared to the Today's Show?  Where's Savannah?  Why is all they are talking about Dancing With the Stars?  Why?!

I have to come to the facts that I just prefer The Today Show.  Who am I?  I don't know anymore.  I think it's just Savannah.  I feel like her bad cooking skills & chunky rings are just great.

So.  What morning show do you watch?