{So being a stay at home mom is} 

a dream come true.

All rolled up into one.

{For the days when it's making me go a little crazy because} 

my to-do list is incredibly never done 
i have another sink full of dirty dishes 
the laundry is taking over the hallway even though i just did it yesterday
my baby is grouchy 
i haven't gotten out of my pj's & the sun is setting

-for those days-

I want these prints smiling back at me from my walls. 

I'm so thankful for this roll.  For all of it.  It's a heckofalot harder than I ever thought it would be & a heckofalot more rewarding than I ever imagined.  I had this idea of what being a stay at home mom was going to look like.  I was going to have so much time to get things done around our place that I never could while working full-time.  I would cook better meals.  Blowdry my hair.  Have clean floors & do cute Pinterest inspired DIY's.


Bless my little ignorant heart.
This is the battle grounds, yo.
And I love it- even if it is totally different than what I expected!