My dad worked for Delta Airlines while I was growing up, and we were able to fly free anywhere we wanted.  So I grew up flying with my family to Texas, and Hawaii, and anywhere else we needed to fly.  When I moved away to Chicago I flew back & forth between O'Hare & LAX multiple times a year.  And I loved it.  I loved getting to the gate early with a cup of coffee, my iPod, journal & Bible in tow.

I loved flying.

Out of what felt like nowhere- I hated it.

And not just hated it- but was panic stricken over the idea of having to do it.

I'll spare you details- but suffice it to say- I don't fly well anymore.  Or I didn't fly well.  Because I might be back to being able to do it without having a full on panic attack.

This trip home to California was a big one for me.  Because of the pregnancy & some complications I actually hadn't been home in an entire year.  I've never been away from home that long.  So the anticipation for the flight was pretty huge.

And I'm so happy to report that it was fine.  I won't go as far as saying I loved it or anything- but it was totally ok.  Which is kinda amazing.

God was so gracious & gave us two smooth flights, and my mother-in-law (God bless that woman) flew back to Chicago with me from LA & stayed for a whole whopping 12 hours before boarding a flight back home so she could get back to work- all just to help me out with Eliana.

And speaking of Eliana.  She was a cute little jet-setter.  She definitely complicates matters- but I'll take it.  She ate during take off & landing- took a few cat naps on the plane, and for the most part was a happy girl.  She cried a little bit & needed to be walked around- but nothing like I was picturing.


I just need to fly alone with her & I think we'll be good.  I really am wanting to get down to Austin to see my Granny & family down there- & I'm wanting to get back to CA sometime soon too.  So we'll see.

These photos were taken with my iPhone & I'm so glad I have them for her baby book.  That first picture of her with her daddy.  Just kills me.  I will be so sad the day her hair stops standing straight up.