Over the last week & a half I've been able to have good, long, needed, tearful talks with a number of my closest friends.  And afterwards I feel a part of myself return to me.  I feel a surge of clarity & a sense of renewal.

Close friends.

They truly are a gift from God.  They're not easy.  There's miscommunications, hurt feelings, missed expectations. They take hard work & years.  Years of not just good memories- but bad ones.  Of working through hard things & laughing through easy things.

Close friends.

I am so thankful for their wit, their listening ears, their wisdom, their patience, their love, & their support.

Who wouldn't want the above statement made about them?  "I felt it shelter to speak to you."  I cannot think of anything more beautiful in friendship than the confidence you have that you are safe.  That you are loved.  That no matter what is said, the other person is not going to go running.

The way my close friends have loved me over the last 18 months is truly remarkable.  I hope I can be half as good a friend to them as they've been to me.