A Crazy Notion

My husband, mom & I did this trendy diet the month of January.  We all lost a good amount of weight (15 pounds for me to date), learned a lot, and would even possibly do it again one day- but it did not radically make any of us feel better.

I'll start with the cost.

$925 in groceries.  For anyone wondering- we usually spend $400. We basically died a little bit inside at the end of the month as we totaled it up.  We are not money bags.  Read: One income family.  One income family with the breadwinner attending Seminary.  $400 is pushing it in the grocery budget so to exceed it by that much was really hard for us.

I feel pretty weird for admitting to all of you how much we spent- but I feel like I wish other healthy food eating people would spill the beans on their grocery budget just to give us normal folk an idea.

That grocery bill was from shopping at Whole Foods for meat & eggs, and for produce & all other things from a local cheaper produce place.  (The first two weeks I did purchase my produce from Whole Foods as well- but quickly realized we had already reached our typical monthly food budget so that's when I stopped shopping there for everything).

On day 28 I began to finally fall asleep a little easier & my face began to clear up the way I had hoped it would- but energy levels?  Nope.  We all really struggled with feeling sluggish.  Yes, we followed the rules.  We prepared, we bought the highest quality meat & eggs, purchased amazing vegetables & fruit & had no cheat moments, & read all the labels.  I'm not sure why it wasn't life changing in the sense that we all just felt SO much better.

I'm even on day 35 & still- life is not changed.

I get that there are other factors- I have a six month old so sometimes I wake up at 6 am with her.  Maybe I didn't get enough sleep, or maybe I stressed out too much the month of January- but all the thousands of people whose lives were changed by doing the same thing I did with their diet...they can't be getting perfect sleep & have NO stress in their life.  Right?

I really loved what I learned about cooking, and the book was compelling & interesting.  It's just hard because with a BA in Biblical Studies I can't really determine if what they're saying is totally legit or just trendy.  It would've been nice to see a big change so I could say, "YES!  They are so right- those pretty looking people on the back cover sleeve!  Because they said so I will give up dairy, sugar, grains, & soy for the rest of my life!  For ever & ever!"

They do say it can take more than 30 days, and with that I would agree.  I think gluten stays in your system for far longer than 30 days so to fully get an understanding I think you need to commit to longer.  However they do say that 30 days is enough to reset your internal system- and that I did not really experience.

Overall I'm really proud that we were able to finish it.  It was a lot to change.  No soy (which is in everything), no sugar (which is in everything), no gluten, no grains, no beans, no corn, no rice, no quinoa, no preservatives, no dairy.  I cannot believe we finished!  And that my sweet husband & mom did it with me.  Talk about support.

I am excited that things I'm excited to eat are greek yogurt, and rice, and honey.  I mean- I'm not sitting here foaming at the mouth for a cupcake (although I will probably have one of those on Feb. 14th!), and I'm really excited because you guys- I think I've broken up with diet coke for good this time. Yea!

I do think food matters.  I think it matters a lot.  But I think a LOT of things matter.  And frankly- I'm not convinced it's the worst thing in the world to eat some oatmeal or have some yogurt.  I know we will eat differently now because of this diet- we'll eat a LOT more vegetables than we previously were- and I've learned a lot about how to cook meat (finally after almost 6 years of marriage I can roast a chicken!), but I can't promise we'll be strictly paleo for the rest of our lives.  It just wasn't a game changer like I had hoped it would be.

I still have been buying quality meat only because I really am grossed about by what the food industry does to our meat (watch Food Inc for a tiny idea), but I'm trying to reconcile the expense with our budget & it's hard.  Our lifestyle does not involve frivolous purchases so it's not like we can cut our cable bill to buy better meat- because we don't have cable.  And so on & so on.  But God knows.  He's always provided for us- and we'll do the best we can with what we have.  I really believe that's all you can do.  In a perfect world I would buy the best food possible for my family- but it's far from a perfect world, and we'll try to do our best & trust God for the rest.

Really- I'd love to just live on a farm and grow everything myself now from the meat, to the veggies & fruit.  And I want chickens.  My city husband loves these ideas.  :)


P.S. That last picture on the left is blended frozen bananas with unsweetened coco.  Not ice cream.  :)  I did not prefer it so that was the one & only time I made it!