Before Bed

There are a handful of hymns that I truly adore.  That I listen to often.  That are etched on my heart & lift up my soul.  That immediately bring tears to my eyes if they are sung in public, in the gathering of other believers.

This one has never been one of them.  I don't even know all the words.  I mean.  It's a great hymn.  I just had no deep attachment to it.  Until now.

Because somehow it's the song I sing almost every night to Eliana.  I don't know where it came from and I find great irony with it- since it's something I struggle to do so badly, but there it is.

Maybe I picked it because I want her to be better than me.
I want her to not have my struggles.
I want her to trust Jesus, always.

Since I don't know all the words I sing the parts I know over & over.  Most of the time, as soon as I start singing it she looks up at me, smiles real big & then calms down & snuggles in.  It's my favorite part of any & every day.  (When she doesn't respond this way I'm kinda bummed- not gonna lie).

One day she'll know I don't sing well & this of course will all be over- but until then- we go with it.  And God teaches me a little bit more about Himself as I sing those words I struggle to live.