Daisy Love

A little girl I have been praying for for years,
a little girl I had never met,
went to be with Jesus this week.

Her name was Daisy Love.

And try as I may,
my heart cannot wrap around the sorrow it brings.
Or the injustice.

She was the most beautiful little girl.
And she died of cancer.

Not only died of cancer,
but suffered underneath it's pain
for years.

Her mother & father wrote out parts of their journey with Daisy Love here.  It was such a privilege to come alongside them, praying for their daughter.  Loving her, though we had never met.

I wish so badly I could've met her just to tell her that she had touched my life so deeply.  That her fight had left me breathless & in tears.  That her attitude of courage had bolstered my spirits in my own trials.  I wish that she had gotten well.  That her mommy & daddy could still hold her in their arms.  I wish that today was the day that all sad things were coming untrue.

But until then.

I trust God.  That He is always Love, and that He is always Good.  I pray for her loved ones.  The people who brought her into this world, and watched her leave.  Kate, her mother, wrote a beautiful blog post that has been echoing in my mind since I read it.  I especially loved reading her mother's words over the years.  What an incredible woman & a testimony of grace.  I cannot imagine the heartache she is going through & yet the relief- knowing her daughter is no longer suffering & in such horrible pain.

Eliana has been so clingy and fussy this week with the flu.  Her symptoms have been milder than I expected but she never wants me to leave her and even sometimes I'm not enough- and she just flails and whines in my arms after I've exhausted all other options.  I've caught myself at moments being totally frustrated with this.  Wishing she would just sleep.  Wishing I could have one minute of a break.  Wishing for her health to return and for my life to gain some normalcy again.

And then, Kate enters my mind.  Daisy enters my mind.

And I take a deep breath, and regain focus.  I put my eyes back on Jesus and tell myself that life is so short.  It's so fragile.  Dishes & laundry or a quiet moment for a cup of tea are not what is important.  What is important is that everyday you spend yourself on behalf of others.  Loving them.  Cherishing them.  Holding them near.  Comforting one another.

My heart is missing the little one I never knew, this sweet Daisy Love.  She is safely in the arms of Jesus, and I cannot wait to see her one day in Glory.