Happy February 1st!

Having Eliana around really brings out the kid in me.  Holidays are so.much.fun. with her.  And honestly, I doubt she even knows what's going on.  But I am having a ball!  I know it's just going to get better the older she gets (until she gets to the age where she doesn't want to have anything to do with us.  Help me, Sweet Jesus!)

Valentine's Day was always a day my mom made special.  Growing up she'd get us candies and put them on our pillows, write us a sweet card, and buy us something special and leave it on our bed.  My mom truly has a gift for making you feel thought of.

Traditions are so important to both T & I so each new holiday we're exploring what we want to be our traditions with the 3 of us.  Even though Eliana doesn't notice the cute decorations- I still put them up- and even though she will have no idea that she's opening presents on Valentine's Day- I still bought them.  Simple, really insignificant presents.  A book called If You Give a Mouse a Valentine (I mean- don't get the idea that I'm going big for a 6 month old!), and some fun Valentine's Day related clothes.  I wrote her a note in the little board book & as I did I was thinking, "Like she's gonna keep this & look back on it when she's 20 and think- 'I have such a great mom!' ?"  A mama can dream that the little stuff matters, right?  Right.

February brought with it today 0 degree temperatures but lots of sunshine- which is always nice on these super cold days.  My mom will be visiting over Valentine's Day & I'm SO excited that I not only get to have her here on that special day, but that I get to sneak out with my hubby too!

I like February.
Haters gone hate.