Time is a thief I would rob

Ellie Sue during her first month of life.

Now my little girl is babbling away, crawling, eating real food, & I swear close to saying Mama.  Ok, maybe not.  But she's gonna say it.   One day.  And I cannot wait to hear it.

Life with her is so bittersweet.

Every moment I find myself celebrating the fact that she's older, and mourning it a little too.

Because we take so many photos & my memory is so poor,  I'm trying my best to stay on top of organizing them for her.

I hope I am here for as much of her life as possible, but only the Lord knows when I'll be gone.  And when I am gone I want her to have pieces of me, and our little life together.

So I write her letters upon letters, I take photo upon photo of our everyday lives together, and I treasure each moment with her, showering her with kisses telling her how much I love her.

There's a line from a Lady Antebellum song I love that says time is a thief I would rob.  I sing it over & over sometimes in my head.  Time is moving so very quickly.  It was just months ago that she was so different.

Life can be very mundane & inconvenient.  Sad & frustrating.

And yet.

I chose to believe it's a miracle.  I chose to fight through the fog that tells you that it's typical- and get to the other side where you see everyday moments as sparkling gifts from above.