The shift

I flew back from DC early this morning after a long weekend of girlfriend bliss.  One of my best friend's from college moved there four years ago and a trip to see her has been a long time coming.  Eliana came along with and we had the greatest weekend of seeing the nation's most historical landmarks, eating amazing food, relaxing, antiquing, and visiting.

And then there was a shift this afternoon while I was still reveling in my post vacation joy.  The news broke of the explosions in Boston.  Tragedy and chaos has been buzzing quietly in my home ever since.  Just as it always does when these things world goes on pause.  I am incapable of pulling myself away from the coverage, like most Americans.  I stare in utter shock.  I read article after article.  I pray and I cry.  I call my family.

It's easy when you're drinking san pelligrino lemonade, shuffling through vintage dishes in the sunshine to forget that life is really messed up.  That people are really sinful.  That the world is truly broken.

A marathon.  A movie theatre.  An Elementary school.  Shopping malls.  

Terrorism cuts deep even those not in it's immediate path.  It leaves a question when there shouldn't be one.  I shouldn't have to wonder if my daughter will be safe at school.  If we'll be safe watching a marathon.

And yet there is today.  There is Newton.  There is 9/11.

Yesterday morning I stood in front of the White House after brunch with my daughter.  Today no one is allowed near it because of the events in Boston.  I'm thankful we got out safely when we did.  That as we were among thousands of tourists this last weekend we were kept out of harm's way.  But my heart is broken for the hurting families in Boston.

It is so senseless.
We cry out in anger- rightfully so.
We are confused.

As I rocked my daughter this evening I cried for her future.  This world has always been full of both evil and good. But knowing her has made me more than ever hate the evil and long for the good.  I prayed the Lord's Prayer over and over.  On earth as it is in heaven.

My heart longs for the day when she'll be free from the threats that loom so close by.  The diseases, and terrorists, the heartaches, and accidents.  All the things that could snatch her from me or cause her sorrow.  I long for it deeply in my bones.  And I know that I am a sojourner.  That this place we love so much- this home here on earth- really isn't a home at all.  It's just a shadow of a much greater thing to come.  

National tragedies are but a glimpse of personal, quiet, faceless tragedies happening every minute.
Sex trafficking, slavery, poverty, abuse.

No.  This place is not my true home.

The blood this evening reminds me that life is so fragile.
Evil so real.
Prayers for His return so needed.