St Louis in March

I love that I can picture her in her home.  That I know what her living room looks like.  What her kitchen smells like.  The sweet sounds her little girl makes while she's playing.  I love that I can picture her now with Ben, doing life together.  That I've met her neighbors & seen her street.  Tasted her yummy cooking.  She's an amazing cook, and I need her to teach me how to make that deep dish pizza.

I have a video of her playing the guitar & singing to the Ellie girls.
I wish I could share it because it makes me cry.
She has the most beautiful voice.  Such a gift.

We visited Whit & her family when she was 36 weeks pregnant.  I cannot believe she was sweet enough to say "yes" to us.  Because any woman whose been 36 weeks pregnant knows that not much sounds good.  So hosting a friend & a 7 month old probably didn't sound like the easiest thing for four days.  And yet she said yes, and we had the sweetest time together.

Even when Eliana came down with a fever she was as welcoming as could be.  I was so thankful for her thoughtfulness & hospitality.  For the moments I got to be with her before she became a mama of two.  For watching her love on her little family & for learning more about how much of a servant's heart she has.

Being a stay at home mom can be isolating during the winter months and it was so good to just be with a friend together during the quiet moments of motherhood.  The moments where the babies are sleeping and you can breathe again.  It was also good to be in the moments of motherhood where it's noisy & chaotic & messy.  I loved that.

Whit is one of my friends who shows love so well.  She's shown up when I needed her & even in moments when I didn't expect her to.  She was there.  In a handwritten note.  A quick text.  A phone call.  A lovely package.  She loved when I was broken.  And encouraged when I was sad.

Taking the train to see her was such an adventure for Ellie & I.   I've never taken Amtrack before so it was good to see that it's doable with a baby.  At least with Eliana- because she's pretty easy going.  Except for when she has a fever which she had on the way home unfortunately.  But other than that- and her peeing on me- and the bathrooms on the train- I'm down with it.  It's a fun way to travel.

There are pieces of Whit here with me now from our trip and every time I see them I smile and think of her.  I drink Seagrams sparkling water and I remember shopping at Target.  I use rubber gloves now when washing my dishes because it's basically the smart thing to do.  I think of her love for her family.  Her sacrifices for them as her husband is also in Seminary.  Studying hard.  I smile when I see the vintage treasures she sent me home with and maybe one day my place will look a fraction as cute as hers.  I drive by Cheesecake Factory here and now think of her and yummy kale salad and hot steaming soup.

I miss her and I'm so grateful for my trip to see her.