Dad's Visit in May

 My Dad came for a quick visit over Mother's Day weekend.  It was freeeeeeezing cold & rainy.  And I was having a yard sale.  So we didn't get to do a ton of fun stuff but Saturday night we headed downtown & went to Ditka's for dinner.  It was Taylor & I's first time there and we both were really impressed with the food.  My dad & Taylor both love football so it was a fun place for them & I was just happy my baby didn't cause a fuss there.

Afterwards we got chocolate covered macadamia nuts & I told my dad I didn't like them & then I ate half his bag.  

Story of his life as my dad.
Sorry dad for always finishing your last bite of food or sip of every drink.  

Then we took a quick pic with the tulips and died over how cold it was & we were done.  

I'm so thankful he made the time to come out & see Ellie. 
She loves her Pawpaw.
And all the pics of the two of them are on his phone.

Hey dad.
Send me those pics.