Ellie's 1st Birthday Bash

My baby had her first birthday bash.
And we had SO much fun.  

My friend Bethany took some beautiful photos & shared her amazing talent with us.  I got a text from her that day asking me if I wanted her to take some pictures of the details.  Bless her.

I am so thankful for these photos.  
She also took Eliana's newborn pics too.

Out of Bethany's Camera
A lot of people say that 1st Birthday Parties are for the parents.

My opinion is that
Birthdays from 1-100 are important.
Each and every one.

But I'm a big birthday person.
So anyways.

I pulled out her dresser from her room & that's where we set her gifts.  The green highchair is something we bought for her in South Haven, MI last year when we were on our babymoon.  I was so pregnant.  Feels like a lifetime ago.  It was fun to pull it out for this!

My bestie Erin made that banner with Eliana's name on it for her baby shower she threw me last May so we brought that out too.  

Her newborn picture, her keepsake box, her baby scale & her Anthro E that I bought for her when pregnant all came out too for decor.  I didn't buy much new decor for this party- I just pulled everything out of my house & into my backyard.

Which was super convenient.  
And super crazy at the end of the day.

Katy at Katygirl Designs designed Ellie's invite which was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.  

My mom had gotten Ellie that keepsake cupcake stand for her 1st Christmas this last December. 
It's from here
On the front it has her name & the back has her birthdate.  
Every year till she is 18 I hope to use it.

She'll still want to have cupcakes with me when she is a teenager right?
Don't answer.
I'll just be in the closet sobbing.

I had intentions of taking a photo of her each month to show how much she'd grown but instead I just took 4 million random ones.

Back when I first started envisioning what I wanted her party to be like I knew that it needed to be in the evening & it needed to have twinkle lights.
And that all my furniture needed to be in the backyard.

Thankfully both things came true.

Probably my favorite guest was baby Liesel.
I have a huge baby crush on her.
Isn't she darling?!
Hi Liesel!  

Her beautiful mommy is actually who took all these lovely photos too.
Her husband & her have a photography business and are super great.

Pink straws came from here.  

Olivia & Ellie.
Makes my heart so full & happy.

Her bow is from Cali Katrina.  

I sang her Happy Birthday for two weeks before this day so that she'd like the song & give me this smile for the camera.
Sure did.

Worked like a charm.

And that's her future husband in the picture playing with the lighter.

The little bib she's wearing is a vintage bib we picked up for her last year on our babymoon as well.  
I was saving it all year for this day.

She loved it!  
So happy.
My little blue eyed girl.

Beautiful little people.
I love them.

This is my best friend Erin & her son Drake for those of you who do not know.
She is my soul mate in the friend terms.
I was really happy she was there with the rest of her clan.
She was in the room when Ellie was born too.
Bless her.
I just needed her there.
And she was there.

Her & her husband Joey basically did 1,000 things with us to get ready for this party the night before.
They are champs.

A lot of people from our church were able to make it & that made us so happy.

The fabric I used for the banner hanging behind the pink couch is all supplied from Whimsy Quilts.  
I followed this tutorial.

Girls in white dresses & blue satin sashes.

Love them.

Also Ellie's birthday crown is from here.

Wade was on Taylor's floor at Moody.
He has always had intense facial hair way before Hipsters were a thing.
He also kept a banana in a jar for two years  & would sometimes bring it to the dinner hall & all us girls would kinda want to throw up.
He is like a total guys bff. 
And he has been so good to Taylor as a brother in Christ. 
Such an encourager.  
He & his wife drove all the way from MI with their two littles to be here.
Good friends, indeed.
And I don't think Torey let him keep the banana once they got hitched.

My other soul mate Ashley was there to celebrate.  She took some beautiful photos of the party too & posted them on her blog.  Her due date for her first is this July 26th.  Ellie's actual birthday is July 31st so we are really thinking they'll be exactly one year apart.  
Like to the minute. 
We talked with her son about it, so it's all good.

BOOK CLUB girls.
Book club is seriously one of my favorite parts of the month.
These girls.
I cannot get enough of them.
We have a lot of fun together.
And they spoil Ellie rotten with love & kisses.

Out of my iPhone 
Her doll from Taylor & I was custom made by Cinnamon Bears & I adore it. 
Katy made that print to place next to the party favors as well.
She is sooooo good.

From my Camera 
 The banner is from Steph Loves Ben & I made the tent following these instructions.  

 My friend Jenny made every single dessert from scratch.  She is opening up a bakery Lord willing here in Chicago & when I get more details I for sure will point you there because she is the best baker. 

 She made s'mores cupcakes, apple pie, chocolate covered strawberry Oreo's, mini homemade sprinkle donuts & the best carrot cake I've ever had in my life. Katy also made those adorable cupcake toppers.

All of it was incredible.

XO sugar cookies too.
Did I mention she has two little kids?
She's my hero.

 The cake bunting is from here.  

Anytime I can use my cake plates I am so happy.
It is extremely ironic that I cannot bake & yet I own 15 cake stands.
Clearly I have issues.

 With Auntie Jenny!  
The Queen B Baker.  
Jenny was also my nurse while I recovered from having Ellie.
She gave Ellie her first bath in Prentice Women's Hospital here in Chicago & taught us how to take care of her.
It could not possibly be more special to me that she made her first cake.

I used this tutorial to make the fringe banner hanging from the teal hutch.

Christy is my perfectionistic twin so she knew exactly what to say to me when I was getting stressed about the party.
Her words sunk way deep down & by God's grace I had the best time at the party.
Even when I realized the party started at 4:30 & I thought it started at 5.
So I was you know- not ready at all when people started showing up.
Classic Kirra.

 Jenny's oldest son, Jaxon.  
That boy has no idea how lucky he is to have a mama that bakes so well!

So much love.
Thank you a billion times to everyone who helped me, everyone who came & everyone who has ever loved on our daughter.
You guys are so precious to us, as is she. 
We thank God for each of you