Indiana in May

Instead of going chronologically through & trying to document from February till now I'm just going to randomly blog.
I apologize to you organized people.  

Ellie & I road tripped just the two of us back in May.  We hopped in the car & drove to Westfield, IN to see our family friends the Penberthy's.  It took me a little bit more time than usual just because I stopped to feed her but she did great.  She got a little fussy towards the end both ways but she slept a lot & I listened to country the whole way there & back.  There are some good jams out right now from the people of country music.  I'm feeling it.

 I've driven between Indianapolis & Chicago more times than I can count in the last 6 years that Erin's lived there & I've lived here.  But I gotta say, riding with Ellie in the backseat this time was probably my favorite.  She is such a fun little buddy to bring with me everywhere.  I know one day I will miss her constant companionship so much.  I tell myself this in moments like today where her teething grumps get really tiring & I just wish I could take a break.

Also I love Indiana.  I know.  Haters gone hate.  (I'm looking at your Rachel Marie!) But I just love it.  Probably because it is where Erin is.  
No wait.  
That's most likely why.  
But I also love how rural it is.  
Living in the city 24/7 it is really nice to take a break.

I mean.  It's not San Diego or anything.  But it's pretty.  In it's own way.
There are lots of old barns & I dig that.

 This was the third time the kids were all together since Ellie was born.  They saw her just a couple weeks after she arrived, at Thanksgiving, and then in May for Drakie's birthday.  
I cannot believe how fun it is to watch them with her.  They are the sweetest boys literally on earth.  They took such good care of her the entire time we were there.  Showering her with kisses & just loving on her in the kindest way.

This is totally a testament to Erin & Joey's parenting.  I do believe some kids are more kind & gentle than others just naturally.  I totally get that.  

But I also think it's something you can teach.  

Erin said something just in passing that has stuck with me & I know will for the rest of my parenting days.

"They value what you value."

That hit me hard.  

You will not find someone more joyful, loving, or kind than my friend Erin.  It just cannot happen.  Her joy is infectious.  And it's spilled over into her kids.

For someone who is not naturally a super joyful person (raising hand) I took a big mental note.  Ellie is going to absorb my attitude.  Whether I want her to or not.  And she will value what I value.  

Her boys value others (especially babies) because Erin & Joey have modeled what that looks like.  
I loved being able to watch them with her.  

 We watched a lot of baseball & it was so precious to be there.  It was Drakie's first game ever.  I've known these boys since they were born & it's so crazy to see Drew all big & getting good hits.  Never a doubt- these boys were made for sports.  

 Erin is pregnant with their first girl & it was fun to see what kind of home she is going to grow up in because of how they interacted with Ellie.  
It will be one with lots of cars, sword fights, and protection.  

If you know Erin, you know she is all girl.
I cannot wait to see her & her baby Grace.  
She's going to be the best dressed baby I can tell you that right now.

 Drew was her constant companion.  Always wanting to hold her, feed her, carry her around, show her how to play.  I mean.  They kissed 1,000 times.  
We have their wedding slideshow pretty much locked down.  6 years is not a big deal of an age gap. 

Also Ellie is a paci thief.  
I am working on it. 

 It was Drakie's birthday weekend & we ate the most amazing homemade desserts allllllllll weekend long.  
I was pretty much in heaven.  

We went to Target without the kids & got into so much trouble.  
We cannot be trusted there.

We sat outside & watched the kids play.
So happy summer is here.

Drew came running in the house saying, "Auntie Kirra come look what I drew."  
You betcha I cried.

I call Jaxon, Yaxon. 
And I love him a lot.

 I was so thankful to be able to celebrate the birthday boy.  I cannot believe how big he is!

 It was a super relaxed & fun trip.  
We all missed T so much but he was getting some serious studying in during this weekend because he had finals on Monday & Tuesday of that following week.  

Her fireplace is one of my favorite spots in the house.  

 I don't know what it's likes to live far away from them.
When I moved to Chicago they moved to Indiana 7 months later.  
And in the 7 months I was in Chicago & they were in CA I still saw them a ton of times.
If the day ever comes I will not really know what to do with myself.

We got home just in time to host book club night.  
Us Sutton girls like to part-ay.