Back home

We're back from vacation.

Eliana & I were out of town for a total of over 3 weeks in the last 4 weeks so it feels really good to say those words.

As much as I adore seeing lots of people, eating new foods, and partying- there is something to be said about the comforts of home.

Of routine.
And schedules.
Of familiarity.

When we got home it was like I was rediscovering our little lives.

Oh, I love this mug!  

This comforter is so soft.  
Was it always this soft?

My fridge!  

Silly stuff like that.

Eliana's clothes are still strewn all over her room, piling out of her suitcase & onto the floor.  I still haven't downloaded any of my photos or even thought about editing them.

Other than hitting up the grocery store, and doing some minor cleaning, we've been enjoying Chicago in the few days we've been back.  I've been meeting my best friend's baby that she went ahead and had while I was out of town (never gonna let that go), and celebrating Christy's birthday.  I've been shirking responsibilities left & right.  Last minute runs to the beach with Ellie & T.

The weather has been very gracious & gentle which I am really happy about.  It makes the transition from San Diego to Chicago much more easier.

I also stayed up until 3:30am reading a page turner the other day so apparently while it feels good to be home, I didn't get enough vacation life.

This week I've felt a lot of internal tension on how to spend our last 3 weeks in this apartment.  I feel the pull to be organized & on top of things.  To start packing up things immediately.  But then I also feel drawn to the idea of just saving it for later.  Later being August 1st or something more concrete like that.

It's bittersweet leaving the place we brought Eliana home to.  We'll be leaving it just two weeks after a year mark for her here.  She taught me so much about life here.  This space will forever be special to me.

I'm super excited for the steps we are taking next together as a family.
It will be a good space for the 3 of us and our loved ones in the city.
A small space.
But a good space.

I'll be back with lots of pictures from our summer.
And our moving date is August 17th.  If you want to help out.  :)
We tragically have a lot of dishes & books so I promise to buy you yummy food & drinks to ease the pain.