I remember the days when talking about suffering & the sovereignty of God was a homework assignment.  I had answers then.  Well, things that sounded more like answers than what I have now.

Because now talking about suffering has real faces.
Real heartbeats.
Hands and feet that belong to loved ones.

It's always easy to talk about theories & ideas, isn't it?
It's hard to look a grieving mother in the eyes & try to explain those things to her though.

Tonight Eliana & I went to a memorial service for a child that was only 47 days old.  And those 47 days were miracle upon miracle.  A child who the doctors said was incompatible with life went ahead & lived 47 days.  She survived obstacle after obstacle.  Her parents, our friends, nicknamed her Super Girl.  Super Girl she was.

She knew love.
I am sure of this.

And now she knows it perfectly in heaven with God.

I hope that you will take some time to pray for them.

It may seem trite but if you know God- then you know that it's not trite at all.  You know the comfort that comes from Him.  You know that He is beyond loving.  Beyond good.  Even when you cannot understand it.  You know that He alone has the intimacy with them to reach their grief.  He alone can heal what has been broken.

Pray for the trauma they have endured.
Pray for the road ahead.
The road without their daughter.

Pray for the obstacles that lay ahead of them.
The decisions they have to make.
The life they have to go on living.

Pray for God to use this to bring many people to His name.
Pray for their broken hearts to be lifted up.

Sarah & Dave chose this song to play during the slideshow of pictures of Sophia's life from start to finish.  Forever it will remind me of her now.  Take a listen & stand in awe with me that two parents who can lose everything still know they have what matters more than anything.

He makes all the difference, people.
All the difference in the world.

My sister & brother.

You seem worlds & worlds away & I wish more than anything that I could just sit & mourn with you.  I am so deeply sad.  I am sad that you have known suffering in unimaginable ways.  I am sad that Sophia will not know here on earth how loved she was by you both.  That you will not walk her down the isle one day, or put a bandaid on her knee after she's fallen off her bike.  I wish she was here to grow old.  So she could see how delighted you were over her.

Sarah when I think of how you have lost two children now my stomach churns within itself.
When I think of your love for your children I cannot comprehend it or make sense of it.
There is no one I know that is a more loving mother.
And it kills me that your children are not here to be blessed by that love.    

It makes me long for heaven in ways I didn't know possible.

I hope that you can dance & hold her there one day.
That you will hear her laugh one day.

I am so thankful she is free from suffering- and yet so broken that you will carry these deep scars with you until glory.

I have watched you endure this fire and it is breathtaking to see how you both have done so with such grace.  Such faith.  Only God can be responsible for holding you both up under such crushing weight.

I am so grateful that even though you are so far off- that He is right there with you in Taiwan.  Embracing you & keeping you.  Holding & gently rocking you both.

I know that you will know darkness in ways I cannot comprehend.  That you will know sorrow in all it's depths.  That the ache in your arms has forever left it's touch on you.

But I also know you will rise victorious one day.
That this place here is not the completion of your days.
That there are absolutely no tears where we are going.
And that your daughter has changed the lives of people all over the world.
She has changed ours.

I am praying for you daily.  Without ceasing.  Always.
Know that you are loved.  Cherished.  And forever in our hearts.