A Chicago Baby Shower

This was the summer of party throwing for me.  
Poor T.
What a trooper.  

First Eliana's 1st Birthday, then Ashley's shower, & then one more shower after that- in a different state to boot.  

I had a blast.  

I threw my bestie a baby shower for her little August back in July.  

I planned this shower for months & had such a blast envisioning it & brining it to fruition.  
Ash & Neal love Chicago & I wanted to bring that love into the shower in as many details as possible.
Thankfully I had access to a rooftop with a fun view of the city & a lot of people willing to help me out.  
The dresser is Augy's so I wanted to make sure we brought that up to the roof.  Thank you husband's for helping with all my crazy ideas!  

I saw a pallet like this in a store here in Wicker Park & it was retailing for $200.  So I decided to make my own.  It was a beast to find a pallet let me tell you.  I ended up finally buying one at Home Depot for $20.  I cannot tell you how many stores I went to before finding one.  I feel like it should've been free- but whatever.  Painted it with Kim & Alyce about 10 minutes before the shower started.  

Last minute Daisy- just call me that from now on. 

That adorable red vespa is a child size rocker that Augy's Aunt & Uncle made & gifted to him.  It's pretty much the most amazing gift.  Neal & Ash have a red vespa they zoom around the city in- beep beep!  Love.

The pretty mommy herself.  

I used my old book collection and succulents for center pieces.  I kept it casual with paper plates & plasticware- I wrapped them in brown napkins & blue baker's twine.  

For party favors I (rather Ash's husband Neal) stuffed bags full of Garrett's Popcorn- to honor the Chicago theme.  If you've never had the Chicago mix, you are missing out.

Mason jars for glasses.  

These pictures make me so happy! 
I love seeing my friends smile.
It's what motivates me 99% of the time when I throw a party- this moment.  
The moment where you think- "Yay!  They like it!"  

Navy blue touches for little Augsters.  
It's his signature color. :)

For the food table I used our old Ikea Desk that I recently sold.  I didn't want anything feminine but I also didn't want it to be the typical boy themed shower with footballs- so I went with as many industrial styled decor pieces as I could think of.  I brought all the Chicago themed books I own to decorate with as well as fun candles & fabric flowers from this Etsy shop.  The gold candle holder I got at Target as well as the smaller candles.  

For food I stuck with a Chicago theme while also trying to incorporate some of Ash's favorites.  
Alyce made deep dish mini pizzas which were amazing.  We had Chinese takeout from down the street.  Veronica picked up Portillo's Chopped Salad, and Kim made mini Chicago Dogs.  I die over stuff like this.  So cute.  The food cards were designed by Heather at Life Made Lovely.  She did an incredible job working with me on the design of Ashley's shower invite & the paper decorations for the shower.  If you are throwing a party- contact her!  

My dear friend Jenny worked her baking magic & brought to life my hope for Chicago themed cupcakes.  The amazing thing about Jenny is that she can not only decorate desserts but the desserts are actually the best out there.  Moist, delicious, and always perfect.  Chicagoans use her for all your party needs- Sweetly Ever After Bake Shoppe!  

I wanted the decor to be pieces that Ash could use in Augy's nursery- so the pieces like that Chicago CTA embroidered map are now hanging up in his room.  

Some of Ash's favorite colors are coral, navy, teal, and mustard yellow- hence the color scheme.  A mint frosted Carrot Cake?  Yes please.  The best.  The mexican wedding cookies by the CTA map were also to die for.  

The mom-to-be loves Glazed & Infused so that's where the donuts are from. That sweet little stuffy is named Trunks & is the lovie that Ash & Neal bought for their baby.  Wanted him to make an appearance for sure at the shower.  Details like that are my favorite part of throwing a party.

The Chicago print behind the donuts is from here.  

The two large maps are from my apartment- they are from Paper Source & framed in Ikea frames.  I hung them on the brick wall with 3m hooks & hot glue.  They were a pain to keep up with the wind- but it worked in the end.  The drink stand & buckets are from Target.  The water dispenser we used is my friend Erin's from Pottery Barn & it's still on sale.  It works really great for parties.  

My Eliana made a quick appearance- wearing a navy blue boy for her baby bestie- and then Taylor watched her the rest of the day.  I quickly just want to say Ash & I's husbands were amazing.  As were the book club girls & their spouses.  So much team effort in throwing this party.  You guys are amazing!

Heather again made all the paper decor so those cupcake toppers were from her as well.  I got all the designs printed out at Kinko's for not very much.  Punched the circles out with a circle hole punch from Michael's & taped them to popsicle sticks.  Easy peasy.  The felt banner can be found in the same shop as the pom flowers- link above.

Some of the book club ladies.  
Love these girls so much!

My girls.

You guys.  It's hard for me to talk about the chalkboard.
Why did I not fix it.
I will forever ask myself this question.

I think in real life it maybe didn't look this bad?  No, it probably did.  I was just running around like a chicken with my head cut off. 

J.Lo makes party planning look so simple. 

So let's move on from the horrific chalkboard and talk about that cute onesie.  You can get it here.  And the 3 was a keepsake I wanted to give Ash- for becoming a family of 3.  Bought it here.  Straws were from here.  They come in every color imaginable & there are so many fun designs.  

"Can't stop, won't stop." Is what Ash & I said to each other all summer when it came to iced Coke.  There was no stopping us.
We are currently trying to quit it for 30 days together.  
It sucks.
It just sucks real bad.

Another drink fav of Ash's- thank you Jamie for picking these up for us!
The blue mason jar camera & candle were all just things from around my place. 

The yellow chair is also from my living room & I got that pillow at Ikea.

Ashley's beautiful sister & her daughter, Lily, were able to come to the shower.  Ash is from a little town down south in Illinois & it was so fun her family was able to come up for the shower!  We had sparkling apple cider for a toast!

If I could go back I would hang the lights differently. 
They are in a horrible location for pictures.  
I wanted them to be higher above us but the hooks were already in place on the roof so I just used what I had to work with.  
I also would not even bother with them because it was a daytime shower. 

Giving a toast.  Giving Ash a hard time for not telling all of us his name.  Booger.
I need moroccan oil.  #freezyhairalways

Ashley's mother-in-law & mom gave beautiful devotions and we had a time of prayer for baby & mom.  
Such wise women.

Ash's people are great.  Loved spending time with them!

Ashley's siblings are so fun.  I love how close they are.  They are like the cast of Parenthood only 100x's better.  
They joined us at the end of the shower.  So fun.

Amazing friends & husband.  
You guys are awesome!

It's amazing what he lets me get away with.
The most insane 24 hours leading up to the party.  

I'm sad because I had the most amazing balloons & didn't get any pictures!  My phone & camera both died. 
Sad times.  

Just imagine.
I love you, Ethel.  
Kinda hard to believe you already have a 2 month old & I'm just getting these up!