Washington DC

Back in April Eliana & I boarded a plane to Washington DC to see one of my besties.  Rachel is originally from a suburb of Chicago & we met in college. After graduation she went out to DC for an internship at a church there that eventually led into a full-time job.  

I really believe you cannot know someone fully until you've been to their home.  Where they grew up.  It's there that 1,000 things click into place.  I've had the privilege of being in Rachel's home many times- eating her mother's cooking & talking with her sweet Grandparents.  Playing with her nephews & talking with her dad.  Seeing the school her mom teaches at.  Sleeping in the room she grew up in.  

I love her home.  I love where she comes from.  And knowing it helps me know her.  

But her moving out to DC left this little hole in my heart because there was a entire part of her life I didn't understand fully.  I knew names & had ideas in my head from our phone conversations but I really needed to see it.  I needed to be in her home there- to have a clear picture of the Rachel she was becoming.  

Does that make sense?  

Luckily I was able to make the trip out there with Ellie & it will always be one of my favorite trips of all times.  We had such an amazing four days- eating good food, talking, watching our favorite- Friends-, antiquing, listening to Kari Jobe & Taylor Swift.  Long, good, hard talks.  Lots of laughing.  

Rachel is such a gem.  
A forever kind of friend.  
I met her my first day in college & we were inseparable.  

She is one of the most servant-hearted people I know.  Before we arrived she arranged every little detail for Eliana & I.  Welcoming us with pink balloons & a gift for Ellie.  She borrowed a pack n play, a car seat, a hight chair- and was beyond amazing the entire weekend.  I didn't expect anything less because I've grown so accustomed to her kind-heartedness- but looking back on it now I'm amazed again at just how much she did to ensure that we both felt so comfortable & welcome.  

She's just like that.
I was so nervous for this flight & it ended up going so perfectly!  DC & Chicago are so close & I hope to make it out there again next year!  Also- Eliana slept & played with a peanut bag the entire 2 hours.  She would not do that now as a busy little toddler.  : )  

Loves from Auntie Rachel!  

We went straight to Georgetown after dropping off our things at her house & took a cruise on the Potomac River & had a blast.  I mean.  Bestie.  Boat.  Baby.  Margs.  It was insanely good for my soul.  

Rach is the ultimate girl's day girl.  I always tell T if there was one person I could go to a Taylor Swift concert with- it would be her.  She is a roll your windows down, grab a diet coke, shop till you drop, and paint your nails type of gal & I could not love her more!  

Georgetown is the cutest little neighborhood that I have ever seen.  Perrrrrriod.  

The Nation's Capitol building!  Cray cray.   
So fun to see it.  

I definitely got teary seeing the White House.  And the snippers on the roof who were getting ready to shoot us.  I kid.  I kid.  No but really- too fun to see it for real.  It's small!  At least it seems small compared to the movies.  

More than all the buildings though I wanted to see the Cherry Blossoms.  
Flowers are my love language.  
Deep, deep love language.  
I was so giddy & Eliana was in love too.  
It was precious to watch her looking up at all the blossoms.  

That night we ate at an amazing burger place in DC that I cannot remember the name of.  But there were rosemary fries and that is all you need to know. 
Changed my life.

Also this was the night that poor Ellie cried harder than I've ever seen her cry before.  She had basically slept 40 minutes the whole day & I pushed her way too hard.  I'm so thankful Rachel was with me because I was so scared by her crying.  (I mean. Ellie was hysterical).  She eventually passed out and we decided the next day we'd take it easy. 

The most amazing quilt I've ever cuddled with.  The quilt on the right is Rach's from when she was a baby.  Kinda dyed over that.  

Girls day antiquing.  

I still dream about these steps.  
I am not even kidding.

One of our good friends from college who was in our wedding alongside Rachel also lives in DC.  Johnny & Rach totally surprised me by having him come over!  Made me cry.  Our college days were seriously such a blast & it felt so good to have a piece of us together again.  We FaceTimed with T.  :)

Rachel's house is off the charts amaze.  
I miss it.

Walking to see the White House again before church!

This one's going in the baby book!  

A fun fact about Rach is that since she was tiny she's had this dream of becoming the First Lady.  I am not even kidding.  How presh is that?!  She's like dead serious too which makes it 1,000 times better.  So it's kinda a blast to me that she lives out in DC.  We joked that she'd be living here in a just a few years.  

We had breakfast at Founding Famers and it was pretty much incredible.  
Ellie was a champ too so that was nice.  Also seeing these pics of her are kinda killing me.  She looks so different!  

We also snuck this sight seeing in before church too on Sunday morning.  
The Lincoln Memorial was my favorite landmark by far.  
Go Illinois!
Ewwww, did I just say that?  

Flying home. 
Sad to leave the bestie.
So grateful for all the amazing memories we made this trip.  
DC is beauuuuuutiful & I would love to get back there with a little more time to see the sights & take the tours.  
But mostly I just need an afternoon on Rach's couch, talking with her again.

Nothing beats real one-on-one time with a friend.
I love technology & that we can keep in touch the way we do with texts, and FaceTime, and emails- but really- nothing can replace seeing a friend in person.