Family Photo Love

Our friend Tim Tab took our family photos a week ago while my mom was in town visiting.  If you are in the Chicago area I cannot recommend him & his wife highly enough.  To view some of their work go here.  The weddings.  I die.  So gorgeous.  

You probably know that I have a thing for pictures.  I take them & post them daily.  I had previously tried to be a photographer (Whoopsie- that's tough).

I love them.  I love the stories they tell.  The moments they preserve.  I have shoe boxes full of pictures from my childhood, adolescence & now I have a hard drive & computer chock full.  (Check out this Jim Gaffigan bit- so true & makes me die laughing).

I'm currently in the midst of organizing all our family's pictures & trying to get them printed off.  It is the most annoying process.  If I ever get caught up I've promised myself I will never fall years behind again.

How do you guys keep track of your family's photos?  Where can I even buy photo albums?  They still sell those, right?

I treasure all the photos my parents have passed onto me and I hope Eliana will one day have all these beautiful pictures too.

Thanks Tim for freezing this season of life for us so beautifully.  You & Bethany have such a talent & we're so crazy blessed to have these & Eliana's newborn pictures.  You made us all feel so relaxed & I cannot believe how precious all the details are that you captured- from Eliana's current favorite book, to the spot where Taylor asked me to be his wife almost 7 years ago.  You're the best.  Thank you.