Greenlee Reese's Birth

I had the extreme honor of witnessing my friend Kim give birth to her first baby girl.  She was born January 4th at 3:20 in the afternoon, and I'll never forget it. 

I showed up at the hospital about 4 hours after Kim had gotten there- her water broken- 6 cm dilated- epidural in- and she was just cracking jokes having a good time.  It was surreal to watch her contractions jump all over the screen and see her just sitting pretty in bed, chatting with us all like it was just any other normal day.  

She amazed her mom & I with her calm attitude- because we both had epidurals and were still not in this normal type of state.  :)  

The first time she pushed she got a collective "good job!" from all the hospital staff in the room & proved to be an awesome pusher.  A little over a half hour of pushing and she had Greenlee in her arms.  I was in awe.  For a first baby- Kim & Greenlee rocked it.  And I was so proud of my sister girlfriend.  

Greenlee was taken to the NICU for a little bit after birth to just monitor that she was doing well and Kim & her husband James coped with that amazingly.  I was so humbled to see their trust in God on full display in a moment of uncertainty.  

Greenlee is home now and doing well, as is Kim, and I cannot wait to watch this little girl grow up.

Thank you for having me here to document this special day.  
After all the waiting she is finally here.  
Your sweet baby girl.   
I love you.