Grace's 1st Birthday

My best friend's daughter celebrated her first birthday this September.  One thing you should know- there was no surface left untouched by the pink fairy.  

It's hard for me to describe how cherished this little girl is.  Part of it is because she comes after 3 boys, and was deeply wanted by her very girly & feminine mommy.  Part of it is because for 2 years straight every single night Erin & the boys would all pray for a baby girl.  Part of it is that she's named after her brave Aunt Kelly, who is now resting in heaven- no longer in any pain.  

This little precious bundle of love with a big grin & a bubbly heart.  She's captivated us all & I am so blessed to watch her grow up.      

Erin you did such an amazing job on Gracie's party.  One for the books!  I know that when she looks back on these pictures she'll feel so deeply loved.  xo