Eliana | 5 Yrs

It's so wild to me how fast time passes but how slow it feels in the moment.  There's a song by Lady Antebellum called Heart of the World & every time I hear it I get that feeling of "so fast & so slow" all at once.  It's a beautiful melody but it's mostly the second verse + bridge that gets me.  

I leave him sleepin' as I rise early
Always up before the dawn
The house is dark, but I see clearly
Kettle sings a morning song
The bacon's frying, babies crying
I soak up the sights and sounds
Minutes turn to days and I wish that I could slow it down

If grease is the soul of the kitchen
And coffee the drink of the Gods
Routine too perfect to mention
Time is a thief I would rob
We're meant to be, baby hold onto me
I'll never not be your girl
'Cause love is the heart of the world

I love this girl so much.

My girl.