Portraits of Motherhood

To know Laura is to know warmth and laughter.  She is those things and so much more to me, and even though our friendship is more recent, I can tell it will stand the test of time.  In so many ways I am inspired by her.  Her love for Christ, her family, culture, education, and good food are some of my favorite things about her. And like I said- laughter.  There is so much laughter with her.  But probably the thing I am most grateful for is her honesty.  She has a very impressive life but she is the first to open up and say- don't be fooled- I've got stuff too.  And I just think the world needs so much more of this.  So much more truth telling.  

I asked her if she'd let me spend a morning with her and her kids, where they were doing school and just everyday life stuff.  I wanted to capture her doing the work she is investing her heart into.  It's often the messy, mundane, and everyday stuff that we pour ourselves out for- and that rarely ends up on the other side of my lens.  Some people would not want a shoot like this- but I knew I could count on her to be up for it.  

Between reading stories and cleaning up messes there is just so much happening.  Mothers- you are quite literally shaping the future of the world.  It's a huge deal and I want to celebrate that!

Hanging in my home I have a sign that a dear friend gave me- it says,  "The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home."  

It's in these moments that life is happening. 

And that is so worth capturing.