Portraits of Motherhood II

I met Meghan through our church here in Indy and I could not be more grateful to know her.  She brings humor, honesty, creativity, and lots of love to her four young ladies at home.  I was so thrilled when she said she wanted to do a Portraits of Motherhood Session- knowing not only would it be fun but that that she would fully embrace the heart behind it.  

Portraits of Motherhood Sessions are for women looking to document the extraordinary in their ordinary.  We spent the morning making ice cream, reading, coloring, dancing, and there was lots of sprinkles & love on top of it all.  

Meghan, you are an incredible mother.  Your love for your children is so evident to me in the intentionality I see all over you home and in the way you interact with them.  I so appreciate your ability to laugh at the chaos that is these little years.  Your children have a happy, colorful, and bright childhood- I hope I was able to capture that in our time together so that when you all are a few more years down the road you can look back and smile- knowing that these mundane moments were really quite remarkable.