A Chicago Farewell

10 years ago I was living in downtown Chicago when I met a girl named Ashley.  We connected on Facebook before we did in real life back before that was a pretty normal thing to do.  Our husbands both worked for the Four Seasons Hotel and we had also gone to the same college but we somehow had never met. 

Fast forever friends is what we became.   

I could share stories and images from the decade of friendship we have under our belt but I'll share one thing I especially love about this precious friend of mine and then leave you with these images of her beautiful space & her beautiful family. 

Ash is a celebrator.  She celebrates life and her people so well.  She soaks up each day & savors every last drop- and I love that about her.  I have watched her do this is easy seasons of life and in extremely troubling seasons of life.  She has a beautiful commitment to treasure the places God has around her & in the city of Chicago that leads to so many adventures.  They recently have relocated to Colorado and we decided we needed to do one last shoot in her incredible apartment with her newest baby- Brooks!